Moderna floors

The floors or Moderna are beautiful and warm floors with an amazing look. You can find Moderna floors in laminate, parquet, vinyl and cork. The German quality and beautiful colors and designs help you give the right ambiance to your home. Contact Hormes Trading for more information about Moderna floors. We gladly help both businesses and private customers. We are happy to refer you to one of our dealers. Check the newest Moderna collection at Or look at our webshop:


Moderna laminate floors


A laminated floor of Moderna is a quality product with a look inspired by nature. You can choose for laminate with a wood pattern or a stone pattern. The laminate floor looks just like real wood and feels just as warm. The designs are almost endless, allowing you to find a floor that matches the looks of your office or home perfectly. Contact Hormes Trading for more information.

Moderna parquet

moderna-parket-hormestradingModerna parquet is a great quality product made of the best wood found in nature. You can choose between many kinds of wood, like oak and mahoni, and colors. This allows you to find the perfect match of Moderna parquet floor with the design of you home. We are glad to help you find a parquet that matches the use intensity of your floor and the arrangement of your space. Contact Hormes Trading for more information.

Moderna vinyl floors

moderna-vinyl-hormestradingVinyl floors by Moderna are high quality, low budget floors useful for many purposes. Vinyl floors provide a soft floor with nice patterns of wood or stone in different natural colors. You can improve your office, shop or home with a atmospheric new floor. Contact Hormes Trading for more information.

Moderna cork floors

moderna-kurk-hormestradingCork floors by Moderna give your house a special look and are comfortably warm. Cork is a true product of nature and dampens any sound. It also provides great heat insulation. Hormes Trading gladly explains you all the possibilies and advantages of a floor made of cork. Contact Hormes Trading for more information.