With Hormes Trading you found the right partner for products of Habiol (wood maintenance oil), Moderna (floors and staircases), Transformad (kitchen parts and complete kitchens), Modekor (laminated surfaces) en Sprela (window sils and worktops). With these quality products you can get started right away with renovating or replacing kitchens, floors and wooden worktops. Don’t hesitate to ask us about our other renovation solutions and products. We provide products and advices for all renovation questions in your home or caravan.

logootje-allesvoorhoutHormes Trading delivers to private people, small business owners and large companies. We bring people into contact with the products of suppliers at dealers in and outside of the Netherlands. We also bring companies into contact with customers and with the manufacturers of the products. Check out the products we represent on our products page or go to our specialized webshop www.allesvoorhout.nl

We are looking for more dealers in specific regions. Please contact us if you are interested.

Our brands:


Habiol oil


Sprela surfaces


Moderna floors

transformat keuken

Transformat kitchens


Modekor HPL